We, from Mars

Old and new Hypotheses about the Red Planet

by Walter Hain

From the "finder" of the Face on Mars.

With the true story about the findings.

Self published by the author. Printed in Vienna, Austria 1992.

Translated and revised version of the first book about the Face on Mars "Wir, vom Mars", published 1979 in Cologne, Germany.

Also included in this book as appendices are some information about further discoveries and some intriguing news about the Russian Phobos mission of 1988 and 1989.


Mars in Mythology - The Giants of Mars - Mars, 400 Years Ago - Mars has "Canals"! - Mars Novels - Space Probes Land on Mars - Intelligent Life on Mars: 80 Million Years Ago? - A Structure Built by Martians? - An Artificial Mars Moon? - UFO`s from Mars? - A Possible Origin of the Gods - Appendices: The Phobos Mission - A Stonehenge on Mars? - A New Space Odyssey: Search for Artifacts of Extraterrestrial Inetlligences (SAETI)

125 pages - paperback - oversize 8,2 x 11,6 inch

18 illustrations - some drawings

Quotation from the book: "Had the Martian beings attempted, 2 billion years ago, to make the Earth habitable?", p.50)

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