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Since April 1998, the US space probe MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR took thousands of new pictures of strange formations on the surface of Mars, also the "Face on Mars", the "City of pyramids", the "Fortress", and the "Main pyramid" in Cydonia, and also the "pyramids" in Elysium, and the "Inca City" in Mare Australe. All these images were already photographed by Mariner 9 and Viking 1 and later published in several scientific books in the last years, first of all by myself in several newspaper articles in Germany and Austria during 1979 and 1981, in the wellknown German popular magazines DAS NEUE ZEITALTER of December 1979 and of February 1980, the PERRY RHODAN MAGAZIN of August 1980, a readers letter to BILD DER WISSENSCHAFT of January 1981, and in the MAGAZIN 2000, of September/October 1981 under the title "Gab es einst doch Marsbewohner?" ("Perhaps there WERE once Martian inhabitants?"). I had at the first created the term "Mars face" (Marsgesicht) for this human like structure in Cydonia and I have at the first (with the help from JPL) located the image in Cydonia on 40.89 deg. North and 9.55 deg. West on Mars. This location, with a drawing by myself, was widely published in several books and newspaper articles (see Figure 28, left hand corner, in Mr. Hoagland´s book "The Monuments of Mars" of 1987, showing a work of V. Avinsky, a Russian Mars researcher and member of the Ancient Astronaut Society, AAS).


is an old poetic name for the Creek island Creta.


One of my newspaper reports "Gab es einst doch Marsbewohner?"

(translated "Perhaps there WERE once Martian inhabitants?"),

published in the German MAGAZIN 2000 of Sept./Oct. 1981.

My Face drawing from 1978, published in my German book WIR, VOM MARS, Cologne 1979 .


On this page are published the newest results of the US MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR

and the 2001 MARS ODYSSEY and the European MARS EXPRESS

with new images of these unusual and controversial surface structure on Mars

and further details of other "Faces" and Mars mysteries.

The Face and the "City of pyramids", photographed by VIKING 1 on July 25, 1976.

The "City of pyramids", photographed 1976 by VIKING 1 and new  in 2006 by MARS EXPRESS.

The "Ruin" or "Fortress", photographed by VIKING 1 (left) and by the MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR (right).

See also the New Cydonia images of THEMIS by  2001 MARS ODYSSEY  orbiter.

The Cydonia area near the Face with the D&M-Pyramid (below) seen from VIKING 1 in 1976.

A computer simulated perspective fiew of the Cydonia area, produced from images

of MARS EXPRESS in September 2006.

The D&M-pyramid (named after the discoverer Vincent DiPietro and Gregory Molenaar,

seen from VIKING 1 (left), the MGS (middle) and the MARS EXPRESS (right).

The Main pyramid in the City seen from MGS on March 21, 2001.

Best image of the Face on Mars in Cydonia from MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR of April 8, 2001.

Originally size after the new images is 2.7 to 1.9 km. The height is 380 meter

(see: Stereographic measurements of the Face by Lan Fleming).

The exact location is 9.80 deg West and 41.09 deg North (350.2 East).

Computer simulated profil view of the West side of the Face from datas of the MGS image.

A profil view of the West side of the Face from datas of the MARS EXPRESS of September 2006.

See more about this image and the "horned face" of ESA. >>>


Another profil view of the East side of the Face from  datas of the MARS EXPRESS of September 2006.

NASA´s MARS RECONNAISSANCE ORBITER has made a new image of the Face on April 5, 2007

with a high resolution of 25 cm per pixel.

The "Mound" or "Tolus", East of the Face in Cydonia, photographed by the MGS

and another "circular mound" in an image of 2001 MARS ODYSSEY.

MARINER 9 image of "Elysium pyramids" of 1972.

The Elysium pyramids by MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR of 2004.

A report from the "National Enquirer" of October 25, 1977

about an "Ancient City on Mars" which scientists called "Inca City".

The "Inca City" on Mars photographed by MARINER 9 in 1972 and VIKING 2 in 1977.

The "Inca City" on Mars photographed by MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR in1998.

The "tubes" or "tunnnels" on Mars. They also looks like organic structures.

Real organic structures on Earth similar to structures on Mars (source: University of California).

Scientists means the structures on Mars are simply sand dunes.

The "T shaped feature", or perhaps "the great hammer on Mars",

found by Ken Lima, published in several sites (see The Cydonian Imperative)

It is actually not a "T" but an rectangular object.

In another image of MGS (left) we can see the complete structure. It lays near Olympus Mons.

Another image of MGS shows a similar structure.

It is also a detail part of a strange system of lines, rectangles and square yards like an ancient city.

The image shows the area south of the Utopia Face (arrow). See below.

This is an image of a structure like an open letter envelope in Elysium,

newly found by 2001 MARS ODYSSEY in 2005 and at first found by VIKING 1

and published in several books.

 Dr. John Brandenburg has found in 1984 two "faces" in the Utopia region on Mars.

It is the image 086A10 made on September 15, 1976 by Viking 1.

The better one (also in the middle) was widely published over the last years.

2001 MARS ODYSSEY orbiter has made a very good image of the Utopia Face

on December 23, 2006 registered with the number V22286011.

An other researcher, Greg Orme, has found in the MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR archive

 a "Crowned Face". It is perhaps 11 miles wide and situated in Libya Montes.



The original image of the "crowned face" in a canyon in Libya Montes

photographed by MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR in 1999.

Another face in a crater in Sinus Meridiani found by k.k.samurai on a VIKING 1 image.

The "face" in the Meridiani crater in a better resolution, found by 2001 MARS ODYSSEY in January 2006.

A further face in Meridiani photographed by 2001 MARS ODYSSEY on March 5, 2002

 in comparison with the face of God on the wellknown painting of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.



The whole image near the Uzer Crater photographed by 2001 MARS ODYSSEY of 2002.

Perhaps a phenomenon of light and shadow but interesting enough.

MGS has found a very perfect pyramid shaped mountain.

Kent Steadman has found on an MGS image an "Lake on Mars" (picture above). The "Lake" looks really mirrored, but water can not exist today on Mars because of the low atmosphere pressure on the surface of Mars. But it could be some sleek material, formed by the existence of water in the past. Another image of MGS near Appollinaris, in the equator region on Mars (below) shows the same effect. In that region the atmosphere on the surface is warmer (about + 5 deg. Cel.).

The "airport" or the "big wheels" in an VIKING image and later found by the MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR.

The "crater pyramid" found by Dr. John Brandenburg in the VIKING images in 1984 and in an image found by  2001 MARS ODYSSEY in 2004.

The "water spout", a possible geyser on Mars, first found by Dr. Leonard J. Martin in 1980 on two Viking 1 images 775A10 and 775A11 of August 1978. Dr. Martin reported "that the cloud, whose shadow apparently clearly demonstrates it to be a vertical column almost a half-mile high, was quickly and aggressively challenged by a Viking project scientist Dr. Conway Snyder." See more on this page marsanomalyresearch

Later, the MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR on March 22, 2005, found the place very exactly, with a resolution of 2.96 meters, after some shots of the nearby area in 2003 and also found it the 2001 Mars Odyssey orbiter on March 14, 2007 but not with such resolution. Both later orbiter images show no "spout". The coordinates are 79.35°W and 16.71°S near Melas Chasma and Coprates Chasma, Valles Marineris.



This "Little Martian" found by some internet users in late 2007 is actually no more than about 6 centimeters tall. The figur also known as the "Bigfoot on Mars" is about 5 meters away from the rover Spirit. The rover itself is about 2 meters in diameter and the hill on the horizon, called "Husband Hill" is half a mile away from the rover. The image was made from Spirit during November 6 and 9, 2007, and the "Martian" did not move, so he does not live. It's simply a very small rock. See more on this page

Nasa`s Mars rover Curiosity photographed on March 13, 2014 again a "little Martian". He is, however, like that of the Mars rover Spirit in 2007 only a few inches tall and is made of rocks on Mars.

Image: Mastcam Left 2014-03-13 19:49:43 UTC

Full Resolution


Another "city of pyramids" and also a "crater pyramid" (below) found by the MGS.

A ridge like a male face in Solis Planum photographed by





A mysterious "hole", 150 x 157 meters across, on the surface of Mars, near Arsia Mons,


"Dark pits on some of the Martian volcanoes have been speculated to be entrances into caves.

A previous HiRISE image, looking essentially straight down, saw only darkness in this pit": >>



A "monolith" on Mars perhaps in comparison with the monolith in

the Hollywood movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, but only some pixel (one 25 cm) tall.

See more on this page >>

And on the original image >>

The Face on Mars in Cydonia in the Hollywood movie MISSION TO MARS of 2000.

The Face on Mars is also mentioned in the Hollywood movie INVADERS FROM MARS of 1986.

The pyramid mountains on Mars are the plot in the Hollywood movie TOTAL RECALL of 1990.

All that actually based on my ideas.

Mars says "Hi!".

It´s funny on Mars!.

Images from VIKING 1 (NASA) and MGS (NASA) and MARS EXPRESS (ESA). Eyebrow and pupil in the right hand ESA picture inserted by the author.

With love from Mars.

Other anomalous and curious images on the surface of Mars like a portrait of NEFERTITI, a DOG, a DOLPHIN , a LION FACE, a BIRD, a BUTTERFLY or others are visible on this sites:


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All images courtesy by ESA, NASA and the Malin Space Science System, MSSS.

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